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Cattle for Sale
Prices For All Natural Highland Beef From Highplains Ranch.      
Quarter, Halves and Whole Beefs are available for purchase. All beef is sold butchered, packaged, USDA inspected and ready for
your freezer.
Quarters are $8.00 a Lb.
Halves are $7.75 a Lb.
Whole are $7.50 a Lb.
An Average quarter of beef is about $400 to $450 and 50 to 60+ Lbs of packaged beef for you freezer.
Halves of beef average $775 to $925 and are about 100 to 120+ Lbs of Beef for you freezer
Whole beefs average $1500 to $1700 and are about 200 to 240+ Lbs of Beef for you freezer

Quarters come in standard cuts including roasts, steaks, ground beef, short ribs, stew beef, tenderized round steak, and soup
Orders of halves and wholes can be cut to your custom orders.
What cuts generally come in a  Beef?
Ground Beef, Stew Beef,  Round Steak,  Rib Steak or Prime Rib,
T-bone Steak,Chuck Roast, Chuck Arm Roast,  Rump Roast,
Round Roast,Sirloin Steak, Sirloin Tip Steak, Short Ribs, Soup Bones.
*Please note there are limitations on custom. I.e. it is not possible to get all steaks.

YES, it is a good deal and it is actually Good for you!
Don’t think you can handle buying a quarter, half or whole beef ?

Other options:

The Small Freezer Pack        $200.00
Includes 24lbs packaged meat.  Approximately 1/8 of  beef.
8 lbs of ground beef (1lb packages)        
6 lbs of Premium Steaks (2 to a pg and all types listed above)
6lbs of Roasts (2 or 3 roasts)
2 lbs of  Short Ribs
2 lbs of Round Steak

Please contact us
719-836-3167 or 970-389-1298
We are already taking pre-orders for Sept and Oct 2019 butcher.
Please contact us to reserve you spot on the list now, we are selling
out fast.

*prices are subject to change without notice.

Thanks for all of our wonderful customers for making 201
8 a
great year.