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About Us
About the Highlands:

The breed originated in the Western Highlands of Scotland over 200
years ago. The Highland Cattle Breed Society was founded in 1884
with the first herd book being created in 1885 resulting in the first
registered animals.

The Highlands can be of any solid color ranging from red, yellow,
black, brindle, and silver. They are a small-framed cow with short
legs, long shaggy hair and horns that generally curl up-wards out of
a broad head.
They have a longer life span then regular cows often producing and
raising calves well into their twenties and are good in severe
The Highlands have a wonderful foraging ability and are actually
good for pastures. They will eat bushes and willows and will not
overgraze a pasture unless they are forced to.
The breed is known for its ease in calving, with smaller birth weights
the Highlands rarely need assistance. They are also known for their
disease resistance.  
The Highlands produce a top quality meat that is lower in fat and
cholesterol than even the leanest normal beef available and is
higher in iron and protein.

We butcher in the spring, late summer and fall and take pre-orders
for our high quality beef. All of the butchering and processing is done
very humanely and is all USDA inspected. We do all the work, all you
do is reserve your order and we deliver it to the with custom
processing to fit you lifestyle and ready for your freezer.
We always try to have some beef in stock as well so just give us a
call and we will work with to meet your needs.